Friday, 15 January 2010

Top tory calls in his lawyer, former Tory leader suspended

Another top Tory has been suspended by the Porter (Tory PPC) faction. The Southport Visiter has a full version of the foolish letter written by candidate's husband.

It was a wretched day for Southport Tories yesterday and the behavior of their candidate-who is also a councillor-at yesterday's cabinet will only have served to confirm the openly expressed views of party members that she is not up to the job.

If you've not read the extract from the extraordinary attack on top Southport Tories by Porter's chief cheer leader you should do so now. Follow the links to Dirty Politics from our website

Eric Pickles and the Tory bosses cannot be amused. I guess that they will be in touch with Southport's most respected Tory-Sir Ron Watson. I can only guess at what he would say in private. He too has been attacked by the Porter faction.

The big question is one of Porter's judgement which does appear to getting very erratic. Why has she not distanced herself from her supporters who went so far as to pay to have a book published slagging off her most senior colleagues.

Now let us count up. In Southport there are 6 Tory Councillors. Porter has now fallen out-or allowed her supporters to aggressively undermine-all three of the Dukes ward Tories (one former leader and parliamentary candidate left the party). Now she has fallen out with another former Tory leader who also led the council and who was first elected in 1963 ! In her own ward the turn over of Tories is very high. Tony Brough a highly respected local business man and one genuinely liked and listen too did not last and has not made any public comment. Another left to join the priesthood.

On top of this the police have arrested a Treasurer of the association.

Leaving on one side for a moment Porter's gaping policy vacuum-she is called Spenda Brenda as she often says 'why can't we have it all' when confronted with tough spending decisions-her interpersonal skills clearly leave a lot to be desired. Do the Tories not check these things out? I thought Eric Pickles ran a tight ship. Well in Southport they keep throwing their best folk over board.

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