Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Thin skinned politicans need to take themselves less seriously

Most of were annoyed when the Tory press started picking on Ming for his age. Cruel cartoons were published making him look 'gaga'. The Daily Mail picked on Speaker Martin not for his incompetence but for his class-'Gorbals Mick'. Roy Hattersley stood up a BBC news quiz and the programme went out with a jar of lard where Hattersley should have been sitting. Politics is a rough old game.

Therefore there was an intake of breath round here when in a Tory candidate loudly complained when a local sports club held a quiz and included a question about her voting record. Now most of us would have shrugged our shoulders and got on with life. She was ringing them up demanding an apology and telling everyone about it. The real fun bit was that apparently everyone got the question right thus confirming how widespread the knowledge of her gaff.

Now if we had the values of the Daily Mail we would be producing cruel cartoons and pour scorn on her confusion. She managed to vote 'the wrong way' and demanded to have a vote recorded despite the issue we were voting on being read out 3 times. Politicians should be accountable for their actions. Refusing to explain your actions and getting very annoyed if you are challenged is not acceptable................................

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