Friday, 15 January 2010

Now that is what I call airbrushing................

Don't get me wrong, I'm fully behind Jo Swinson and the Real Women campaign. But having blogged this morning on the miraculous transformation of our Tory PPC I am now informed that the same thing has happened next door in Sefton Central!

If you go to the Sefton Tories Website, and click on the link to Debi's website guess where you land up?

And so it is that Debi is airbrushed. This morning this young lady was on the Southport Tory PPC's website. Now she is acting as a body double for Sefton Cenral Tory PPC Debi Jones.
No sexist or ageist comments please.
I guess the explanation is the same as Brenda's digital cock up, namely that they have not paid their bill for the website and it has been sold from under them to an advertising company. Does no one check anything in Sefton Tories. I know that the Southport Tory Treasurer was carted off by the police recently and arrested over the disappearance of money from the Tory HQ account.
I didn't know that the problems of financial mal management were spreading.....
First time tragedy -second time farce. Or maybe it is the other way round on this occasion?

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