Wednesday, 27 January 2010


It seems that a Carl Cross has been put into run Southport Tories.
Would this be the same Carl Cross, Chair of Merseyside Conservatives, who stood in the recent Merseyside by-election (in Halewood) and secured 2.4% of the vote?
A quick search on Google, tells us he was up a against Ben Chapman in the last General Election which certainly some folk tipped a s a Tory gain. It was not.
There seems to be a strong link between Southport Tories and the Wirral. The man who fought John Pugh after Ronnie stood down was from Wirral. He was tipped to win. He did not. Nevertheless it does tell you something about Southport Tories that they chose a man whose politics were such that his wife deserted to UKIP and I heard rumours he followed. Both were Wirral Councillors. Then of course our own Les Byron fought the Wirral By Election. He lost. He has since left the Tories and joined Labour -chiefly because of the infighting since Mrs Porter became PPC.
I think that it also reasonable to assume that as Regional Chair he sanctioned the Labour /Tory pact on Mersey Travel and the Fire Authority? (it really is worth having a look at the allowances claimed by Tories on both those bodies-some of which are stored on our website. )

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