Sunday, 24 January 2010

Have Central Office written off Southport Conservatives?

It is getting to be a right shambles. After more infighting in the local Tories hit the press and the cock up on their candidates website now we have Central Office joining in! An email newsletter has been sent out. It is clearly part of a national mailing. It urges you to find out what is going on locally by entering your post code or searching for your local candidate. If you put in Southport you get the message shown below: 'There are no campaigns matching your search'. If you put in the post code it takes you to Blackpool, Preston and other places but not Southport. I went through all the many pages listing candidate-many of them in no hope seats-and again there was no Southport. They have wiped out poor Brenda.

I agree with Freud. There are no mistakes. Perhaps they are trying to tell her something. Mind you there is nothing resembling a coherent campaign going on in Southport from the Conservatives so maybe it is someone just being honest!

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