Friday, 15 January 2010

Full text of leaked Tory civil war letter that has sent folk scurrying to their lawyers

I've put the full text of Porter's letter in our download section. Well the person who wrote it said that they wanted it to have wider circulation. I have received so many copies now it would seem churlish not to share.

Just for background since Mrs Porter became their parliamentary candidate the local Tories have been at each others throats. There are only six of them left on the council ! This latest outbreak is against Tom Glover the longest serving Tory first elected in 1963. When Tom was Leader 0f the Council there were 18 Tory Councillors in the Town.

Since Mrs Porter became PPC two of the councillors have been suspended, one has left because of the bitter in fighting, the Treasurer has been arrested and Mrs Porters chief cheer leader has paid to have a book published which roundly slags off Cllr Sir Ron Watson.

We understand that since this latest outbreak Tory members are consulting their lawyers.

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