Saturday, 9 January 2010

Extraordinary Tory attempt to call off meeting...........

Folk from all over Southport turned up at the Area Committee meeting. There was a good deal of real interest to local punters on the agenda. Yet all day the Tories had been trying to get the meeting to be called off. They more than met their match in Brian Rimmer who was resolute in his belief that it should be 'business as usual' We even had the spectacle of one Tory claiming that we were putting 'lives at risk' by going ahead. It makes you wonder what they were so scared of debating?

Personally I would have found it impossible to justify the cancellation of the meeting. How would we have explained to the public who turned up that we were calling off the meeting. If they could get there so should we.

I was impressed by the boy Scouts this week. Over 2000 0f them turned up for a winter camp in Essex and are spending two nights under canvas. That's the spirit. Full marks to Farnborough Rd Junior School too, they were open this week and had an Ofsted inspection. (I must declare an interest as I am chair of the Governors-but I was mighty proud of them this week)

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