Sunday, 17 January 2010

Eric Pickles in ageist attack

Memo to Eric Pickles (and for the frail and confused I've included a video to remind you who he is):

I read in the Sunday Times today about your ageist abuse of Paddy Ashdown where your sort to draw attention to his age and called him 'frail and confused'. My colleague Alex Folkes a councillor in Cornwall first drew my attention to your regrettable behavior earlier in the week.

Now not only is Paddy remarkably fit, his mind is agile, he is impressively well informed and works well with his colleagues. I've never know him to get the wrong end of the stick, or vote the 'wrong' way because his mind wandered or he was confused by simple procedures.

This attack is quite cruel and will upset many elderly folk in Southport-we have the 8th highest concentration of pensions of any parliamentary constituency. I hope you will apologise and withdraw the comment

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