Monday, 11 January 2010

Eat your heart out Eric Pickles...............

I watched last week as Pickles set about the Labour Party. It was good fun. A political striker gently passing the ball into an empty goal. How could he miss. Divided parties don't win elections he purred. Marvellous. Here in Southport we were all nodding enthusiastically. Nobody is more bloodily divided than our local Tories-and Pickles is right they can't win!

I fully expect any day now for more of the infighting to break out in public again and the Tory leadership to wish Tom and Jackie Glover a long and happy retirement. (Well that is how they announced their death sentence on popular Tory Councillor David Pearson and his wife Barbara-and how they long to do it to Sir Ron Watson I guess). For those who haven't seen it you should look at the extracts from the Dirty Politics book that the Tory PPC's chief cheer leader paid to have published last year. It is a hoot. Talk about self inflicted wounds. I wait to hear the Tory PPC distance herself from the outrageous (and incidentally age-ist attack on the most successful Tory councillors) I'm delighted that she has been inadequate in this matter.

Mind you there were a few heads in hands again last week after her performance in the council chamber. Everywhere Tories are telling us that we have to cut public spending deeper and quicker. Not our Brenda-the big spender!

"why can't we have it all" she said repeatedly when others were trying to reduce the multi million pound deficit that the council faces. Capital schemes we have not signed contracts for and which aren't priorities have to go ahead. After all she says 'we need to invest now'.

When it is pointed out that failure to cut such projects will mean reductions in other areas-we get a lecture about redundancies being a bad thing. She has already pledged herself in public against redundancies in the Post Office!

I have identified one rare bit of possible unity in the Conservative ranks-climate change denial. I may be wrong but I fancy the distinctly odd bunch clustering around the Tory candidate disbelieve the scientists about global warming etc-their opposition is possibly rooted in the Pagan faith. In addition there was some evidence that old right wing Thacherites like Sir Ron take the same view.

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