Friday, 15 January 2010

digital disaster for the Tories

The picture on the right is NOT of Brenda Porter, so why is it on her website?

I've been holding this story for a good while now wondering how long it would last. I thought with so much bad news for Southport Tories today I would (as an act of charity) send in out today. If you go on to the Southport Conservative website the lead is a picture of their parliamentary candidate and a link to her website. I urge you to follow that link to:

There you will find the photo opposite and a marketing agencies selling all sorts of services including 'dating'

I guess Brenda has forgotten to pay the bill for her website and the marketing agency has bought it up hoping to pick up hits. I fear they will be disappointed. But why have the Tories failed to notice? It has been like this for some time. I suspect that they have been too busy kicking lumps out of each other to notice.

'Tell Brenda' used to be quite an active website with regular postings. It was always my opinion that her blogging would cause her problems. She readily says the most amazing things which if costed up would make Osborne's eyes boggle. Anyway she started to slow down on the blogging front. I regret that. Mind you the most memorable thing was always the list of the things she had eaten and the recipes! We will miss the recipes. Then she started on twitter. Two tweats and she twittered no more. Now all the Tories are doing is driving customers to an advertising site.

There is an alternative view advanced by a mischievous Tory who is on the 'naughty step'. 'It is all part of Brenda's make over, she has been on the 'presentational course' (we've certainly noticed a change there) it is sad the Central office didn't send her on the remedial economics course as a first!


  1. Now that's what you CALL airbrushing!

  2. It kind of gets better. The link is now working as intended for me. However before you reach the blog, which look a little sparse, you go to a link page with the following message

    "You are now leaving the website of Southport conservatives. Southport Conservatives are neither responsible for, nor necessarily endorse the content of the site to which you are going"

  3. I'm interested to note what Brenda will put on `media coverage` part of the Wordpress blog.


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