Thursday, 5 November 2009

I want to vote on the Treaty that took us into Nato

I was watching a Tory MP on the news. He was all puffed up and self important. He was saying how outrageous it is than nobody under 50 had voted on membership of the European community. I got to thinking of all the treaties that we have -which in the perverse logic of the Euro sceptics- contain a loss of sovereignty.

Nobody has asked me if I want to belong to Nato which significantly shares our sovereignty. And nobody North or South of the border has voted to endorse the Union of the parliaments of 1707. How frequently should we have the right to 'recall a treaty'?

The truth is that these sovereignty sharing arrangements significantly enhance our influence. Lots of countries our size have 'independent' foreign policies but they have no influence. The Tory's central foreign policy stance is that they wish to be the US's best friend. For more than half a century the US Democrat and Republican has made it clear that they believe that the UK should be fully part of Europe. This presents a central contradiction for Cameron; he doesn't want to be the sort of friend that the US want for their best friend

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  1. So why, if the NATO comparison is valid, do we have an absolute guarantee, through a manifesto promise, that the "LibDems" support a referendum on the issue?

    I refer to your last manifesto. I trust you will not deny that happened or that if the party were in any way whatsoever to be trusted on any election promise whatsoever you would have had to keep your word.

    I have given my name, I am coherent (certainly much moreso than your fascist leaders) & if you have any liberal principles whatsoever you will not censor me. Experience shows very few in the party even pretend to nowadays.


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