Thursday, 12 November 2009

democracy-'it's only numbers'

I am indebted to my colleague Cllr Tatersall for the report below on a bit of this morning's cabinet meeting. David is a trained journalist-good (Pitman) shorthand and takes an excellent verbatim quote down accurately. I mention this only because we have a certain councillor who has been known to insist that minutes of meetings are changed because they didn't say xxxx. Tiresome when many of us were so gobsmacked at the time we are unlikely to forget.

Anyway for the avoidance of doubt we deployed David's skills -and one or two other tested means to hold the Tories to account. More, much more to come for now just a little comeo:

'Trying to muddy the waters about the clear votes of the majority of Southport councillors at the Southport Town Hall meeting some weeks ago for there to be a "Library in the Market", A Tory councillor-no prizes for guessing who- told the cabinet meeting on 12Nov that "it must be said" that it was "political" and added that "you can't just go on numbers."

When a Lib-Dem member of the cabinet (Iain B B) stressed that the majority of Southport councillors wanted to have a temporary library in the Market, the Councillor interupted claiming it was just "some of the Southport members" - a statement that was simply incorrect. She clearly doesn't do numbers - or agree that in a democracy a majority vote is the basis for a decision by those present.

The Lib-Dem Southport councillors were not coerced in anyway. They were not urged to vote any particular way. They made up their own minds and on a show of hands, after reading the detailed reports and listening to the discussion at the briefing meeting, they all agreed that the Market idea was a good one.'

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