Saturday, 7 November 2009

The curious case of the planning application

Some things just stick in your mind and months later you find yourself pondering why they happened. A year or so ago there was a planning application in for a development by the entrance to Southport's pier. (We have the 2nd longest pier in the country) The application upset many local folk. The officer's report firmly advised rejection.

The minutes say:

The Committee considered the report of the Planning and Economic Regeneration Director recommending that the above application for the erection of a single storey extension to the north east side and rear of the premises and external refurbishment be refused for the reasons stated or referred to in the report.

Prior to consideration of the application, the Committee received a petition from Mr.Brown on behalf of the applicant in support of the application. Councillor Porter was permitted, by the Committee, to speak in support of the application.

So why did two Ainsdale Tories hot foot it up to the planning committee-one (who had a poor attendance record) to act as a substitute and the other to speak in favour of the application which wasn't even in her ward? Very curious. If any of you have an explanation I'd be pleased to hear it. Neither of them declared an interest so I'm sure there is nothing fishy.

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