Sunday, 15 November 2009

Comments from online petition

We have been amazed at the response to our petition to save the Southport Library. On this occasion we have run an online petition to compliment the paper one. This has given people the opportunity to add comments. I produce below a selection:

Many people come from overseas each year (mainly from USA & Canada) to do local and family history at the library. Only this week a man came from Bristol to do research in the library and photograph local documents for that reason. How will this reflect if people come here and records are unaccessible?Putting the documents into storage will cost how much? Much better to store them in plain sight in the Market Hall where they can be viewed.


Although I live in Scotland, my father still lives in Southport and uses the town library. He cannot get to the peripheral libraries as he is 88 years old and can't drive any more so is reliant on the bus service. I am a family historian and use the research facilities when I come to town. I believe that the decision to close the library for 3 years for refurbishment, without a temporary facility, is untenable.Thank youPauline

Keep the library in Southport. It is part of the town and heritage. There are people in the town who rely on the library
as they cannot travel to Ainsdale or Birkdale

There must be a Library in the town centre, if an alternative is not found the original must be kept open until one is.

I think that a town the size of southport to be without a town centre library for 3 yrs is deplorable.Apart from the residents who use it for books cd,s dvd,s etc,were are students or anyone for that matter supposed to go to get reference to any given subject they require.The back of the indoor market is the only logical place in my opinion.
David P

After signing the petition Doreen wrote:

The stallholders have been treated very badly, they deserve better treatment

I cannot believe that some petty stupid lab+con which put them together sums them up perfectly have veto d a fantastic idea for a temp library whilst giving the market a much needed boost they obviously dont care about the people who elected them and should be warned that sooner rather than later we will teach them a proper lesson
rant over
mari ann

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  1. I find it hard to believe the decission taken by the Lab/Con cllrs on Southport Library moving to the Market nothing more than cheap political point scoring against the Lib Dems, not about the people of Southport. I have stopped going into the market as much as I used to because, to be quite honest, I find it a depressing shopping experience due to the empty spaces and run down look of the building. Surely having the library in the market will get people to go back in there? And the cash injection (although not a long time solution) will benefit the businesses in there, which lets face it in the economic climate we are faced with is a good thing?


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