Sunday, 4 October 2009

Those in glass houses......

Where to build 500 new home a year is a real challenge-that that is the dilemma which Sefton residents and councillors are wrestling with. As part of the exercise a working party was established to examine the matter in more detail. As we have reported before our Tories are very keen to have equal representation on such groups -even tho' they are the smallest party by some way-they simply haven't got the gist of proportionality. As we have also reported we have had the spectacle of the Tory leader jumping up at full council meetings and demanding to know why councillors in other parties have not attended this panel or done that visit.

I was therefore interested to know who sat on the working party. I would expect the membership to be well informed and, of course if the were Tories to have an excellent attendance record.

I have received today the following note from an officer :

' let you know the membership of the Core Strategy working group following your discussion at Cabinet this morning. It comprises the Planning Committee spokespersons - Cllrs Moncur (Lab), Connell (Lib Dem) & Storey (Con) . The following Cabinet members: Cllrs Mrs Porter (Con), Tattershall (Lib Dem), Maher (Lab) NHS Sefton rep & LSC rep'

Now I must get my hands on the attendance records. I'm sure none of them will be caught out making silly statements on this issue. The people will soon rumble them if they do......

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