Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Upper Aughton Road housing

I went off to see the Chief Exec of the Housing Association that has taken over the undeveloped site in Upper Aughton Rd today. We have a had a real problem getting this site built on. It has been vacant for years and given the number of unemployed building workers we have not to mention the waiting list of people in real housing need it does seem wrong. Anyway Richard hands and I went to the Leigh HQ of the people who have bought the site to find out what is going on.

We had a good meeting and as understand their intention it is to develop a scheme after consulting Sefton's housing strategy and submit a planning application. It is their intention that the application should be in by Christmas. they then need to apply to the Government quango for money and with reasonable luck that should allow them to begin building by May 2010.

Fingers crossed. We will check on progress..

photo IBB phoning the good news through to local residents

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