Friday, 30 October 2009

Southport Liberals: the First 100 years

Not many constituencies are lucky enough to have a book recording their history over 100 years. Michael Braham's study first published in 1985 is now hard to find. By kind permission of the author Birkdale Liberal Democrats have now published it online. You can find the book on our website. Follow the link on the top left of this page to the website and then click on the button 'Southport Liberals: the first 100 years

Michael tells the story from the time of Gladstone, on to the battles for votes for women and temperance and to the triumph of 1906. He covers the Tory dirty tricks of 1910, the liberal victory of 1923, Cecil Ramage's barnstorming campaign of 1929 complete with campaign songs and photos. After WW2 the revival of the party in Southport-a second place in a 3 cornered fight in 1959, control of the council in the 6o's, second again in 1970 and on to victory in 1987......

Please feel free to download it but if you publish it in any way we ask that
  • you acknowledge Michael Braham as the author
  • you don't charge
  • you don't alter the text
  • you tell us about it -email via the website
  • you include a link to our website
  • you publish these conditions

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