Monday, 19 October 2009

Re-heat Briatin

It is good to see Ricky Ross-well that's how I remember him- promoting a good 'green' cause. As Devon Councillor David Cox reports over at LDV:

Liberal Democrat MP Richard Younger-Ross has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) to support the Reheat Britain campaign for a boiler scrappage scheme. An unlikely coalition of plumbers and builders’ merchants have teamed up with environmentalists to form the Reheat Britain campaign – just about the most brilliant piece of joined up thinking this side of the last Liberal government.

Now wouldn't it been good if parliament had got round to allowing mere citizens to comment on/support EDMs online. Well until that happy day go to : and sign the petition

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  1. Ricky Ross would fit on the posters better too! Thanks Iain, for promoting the Reheat Britain campaign. The EDM number is 2076 I hope people will write to their MP and ask him/her to sign it.


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