Saturday, 31 October 2009

Police arrests at Tory club, the HQ of Southport Conservatives

POLICE have launched a probe after tens of thousands of pounds went missing from one of the region’s most historic social clubs.

Southport Conservative Club treasurer Andrew Logie and deputy Paul Wilding were arrested and quizzed by officers after an audit of the Bath Street club’s finances revealed discrepancies ...............

The Southport Visiter has a full story. A front page headline: Melt Down at Tory HQ (which we covered in June 08) a little while ago reported the resignation of various officers of the Conservative Association including professional people. The party's accounts warned about the state of the party's finances. It is not clear how entangled the two stories are, rumours have circulated for some while about the cross over between the two separate bodies and the role of key Tories. I am checking to see if the two arrested Tories were involved in the local party's money matters.

Back in June 08 we predicted that there were more revelations to come. I am informed that is still the case..........................

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