Sunday, 4 October 2009

A parlour game for an autumn night

Light the fire, pour yourself a glass of whatever is your tipple and join in our new game. The Independent publishes a front page today depicting the two faces of Cameron. We have devised a 'local' version of the exercise and early indications suggest that when compared with our local Tories Cameron is a model of consistency and intellectual coherence. Why don't you play the game at home; how many examples can you find when local Tories have presented different policies on the same issue.

Incidentally none of the examples identified to date come close to the version of Tory policy with which Pickles is trying to love bomb us with!-there are no closet Liberals amongst their supporters here, altho I guess that there are quite a few who share Norman Tebbit's concern reported in yesterdays papers -what on earth was inside that cigarette Cameron was smoking before he made the assertion that you couldn't slip a cigarette paper between the Lib Dems and Tories on policy.

Anyway do join in the game, we will publish the best entries.

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