Friday, 16 October 2009

More on Wilshire's template

Southport-born Den Dover, Conservative Euro-MP for the North West until last year, racked up over £780,000 using a family firm to siphon of cash which he used to pay for cars, family home etc. He was exposed by local Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies who ‘blew the whistle’ on an official report which many wanted to keep secret, which showed the massive extent of expenses fraud by some members of the European Parliament. At the head of the list were North West Conservatives Den Dover and David Sumberg, both of whom pocketed monstrous amounts of expenses while living away from the area and doing very little of any obvious use to the public of the North West region. David Wilshire, who lives a hundred miles away from his constituency has also copied this from the Conservatives’ Southport fiddle-meister. There is no public record of Den Dover yet paying back any of the £500,000 which he was ordered to do by the European Parliament.

These Top Tory rip off merchants from the European parliament have been much-relied upon by the Southport Conservatives as they have battled in vain to stop losing Sefton Council seats in the area year after year. Den Dover is pictured above with friends

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