Thursday, 29 October 2009


It was Southport Area Committee yesterday -of which more, much more later. On a positive note it was good to see our UK Youth parliament rep Ian Goley in attendance. Ian has made a very significant contribution to the Area Committee and is listened to with respect from all sides. This week he is off to Westmister and has sent out the following press release:


Ian Goley, 17, will join over 300 Members of the UK Youth Parliament in making history this week (Friday 30th October) when they take over the House of Commons chamber. It will be the first time in 300 years anyone other than MPs have debated in the Commons and sat on the green benches. The historic move will see elected 12-18 year-olds from across the country debate issues of concern to young people.

Ian Goley, Member of Youth Parliament for North Sefton, 17 years-old, commented,

“I’m looking forward to the House of Commons Debate. Not only does the decision of MPs allowing us to debate in the chamber show that MPs are prepared to listen, but it gives us the platform to establish what we are campaigning for, and what we represent. Friday will hopefully give us more publicity, and reach out to people who may not be aware that the UK Youth Parliament even exists. Young people do care about politics and the world around us, and Friday is the ideal opportunity for this to be displayed.”

The five issues being debated are -

University education being free
Youth crime and how to tackle it
Free transport for over 60s, but not for young people
Job opportunities for young people
Lowering the voting age to 16


Notes to Editors:

1. The UK Youth Parliament debates in the House of Commons chamber take place on Friday 30th October from 11am until 3.30pm.
2. For photographs, comments or broadcast information contact Fiona McKinstrie, Press Officer, on 020 7553 9894/07507 603378 (
3. Members of Youth Parliament will be available for prerecorded/advance interviews in Central London on Thursday 29th October.
4. For further information about the event and the debate topics please see here
5. The UK Youth Parliament gives young people a voice on issues that matter to them.
6. 500,000 young people take part in the UK Youth Parliament elections each year.
7. Over 600 young people are elected as Members of the UK Youth Parliament. They work to ensure that the voices of young people are heard at a national, regional and local level

Good luck Ian

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