Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Local government to help foot the bill

I see local government assets are amongst the items Gordon Brown wants to put in his 'car boot' sale. Vince Cable was quick off the mark:

Selling off what is left of the family silver is not going to solve the long term problem of Britain’s structural deficit. Asset sales do have a role to play in Britain’s recovery but selling them off now when markets are depressed is not the most prudent way to go.

“With £16bn already pencilled into the budget, if this car boot sale fails to raise the necessary revenue there is a danger that the Government will open up yet another black hole in its finances.

“With the Government acknowledging just 12 months ago that market conditions were not right for the sale of the Tote, concerns must be raised that this dramatic turn around is due to political rather financial considerations.

“What is also worrying is that yet again this Government chose to make a vital policy announcement on television instead of in front of Parliament. With MPs returning to Westminster today, this is crass politicking at its worst. I have secured an urgent question to ensure that the Chancellor comes

Lib Dem voice has a fuller version of the story

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