Friday, 9 October 2009

Green-free Cameron

Am I the only one struck by what was absent from the Cameron speech? Why was there no substantial mention of the environment-is saving the planet no longer a priority? And what about all the issues that caused David Davis to fight his by election? At the time many thought these were only clothes that Cameron tried on for an evening, a Primark buy, soon abandoned.

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  1. That you can say this shows how divorced from reality your eco-fascist party is. He said that global warming was causing Kilimanjro to lose it s ice (it is actually the cutting down of forest that does it), that Greenland is melting (it isn't & Antarctica is growing) & that sea level rise is overpowering the London barrage (the opposite is true it is rising less than it was designed for). To complain that he has ONLY lied 3 times to support a fascist scare story shows how extreme you are.


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