Tuesday, 27 October 2009

General Election campaign hots up....

A delightful bit of memorabilia has been passed to me by the usual sources-more of which later. The Southport constituency polled in January 1906 and Mr Astbury was victorious. The Tory candidate E.M. Hall was a barrister with a very high opinion of himself and the purveyor of 'dirty tricks', he was brought low.
A couple of small points; firstly the Southport and Birkdale Liberals fought in red and secondly although Southport polled in January the 1906 election was not held on the same day all over the country.

The red colours persisted until well into the 1960s. I have no record of what John Prescot made of that when he was the Labour candidate in the Town. A a Young Liberal in Warwick and Leamington in the early 70 we fought in green. The standardisation of colours didn't really happen until television dictated in 1974. Even then some clung on to their local colours-I remember that Geriant Howells in Cardigan (as it was called then) fought in blue!

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