Saturday, 17 October 2009

For those who missed this story

The spectacular victory in the Mayor of Bedford election is covered in full at Lib Dem Voice

First preferences:
Lib Dem 9428
Con 9105
Indy 7631
Indy 4316
Lab 3482
Green 1183

After second preferences:
Lib Dem 13352

Conservative 11543

Turnout: 30%

Many congratulations to Dave Hodgson and his team on a fantastic victory!
Update: Nick Clegg has issued his congratulations …

This is a sensational victory for Dave Hodgson and I congratulate him and the Bedford Liberal Democrats for an outstanding campaign. By electing Dave Hodgson as Mayor the people of Bedford have put their trust in the Liberal Democrats to work hard on their behalf.

“The fact that the Tories are losing in their South of England heartland is proof the General
Election is not the foregone conclusion they think it is.

All I would pick up on is
a) what an own goal the primary selection was for the Tories. Packing selections with those who have no long term interest in the success of the party has a long and dishonourable history.
b) the splits in the Labour vote show that the damage done to the activist base of the Labour party by Blair and Brown will do long term harm to them

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