Friday, 2 October 2009

Cultural centre

The Southport Visiter has an article on the 'Cultural Centre'. I do dispair sometimes. The folk involves are so enthused about the project they fail to appreciate that most members of the public are having to cut back their own expenditure and are frightened about unemployement and so the sight of the council splashing out millions of pound on a scheme that they see as 'non essential' is not good news.

The first job is to explain that the present building cannot be kept open unless several millions are spent. We can lever in lots of extra cash from grants etc to do a first rate job without coming to the council tax payers for an extra penny. There is an urgent need to explain to the population at large that unless we take action we are in danger of having a boarded up building in the heart of the town and no Central Library, art gallery or Arts Centre.

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