Saturday, 17 October 2009

Both the Times and the Telegraph ran a story this morning about our local Tory MEPs. Readers will recall that the Southport Tory Den Dover claimed over £700 000 in expenses and after a campaign by Chris Davis was ordered to pay back 500,000. To date we do not believe that he has.

We have already covered other rip offs by our local Tory MEPs. Now that most pompous an vainglorious of the lot (well that was he was described to me by one of his constituents who had recently met him) seems to be at it big time.

The story now appears to have been withdrawn from the Telegraph website. The Times story-link above- is marked 'under legal complaint' I wonder if he uses the same solicitors as Neil Hamilton or the Winteretons? Did he try a super injunction.
It is good to see that the Southport Visiter have not been intimidated and their online story written by Robert Alcock is still on their website. It shows that this issue was well know but the Tories sat on it hoping it would go away. Mind you, in this context, the unpleasant Mr Atkins would not have taken kindly to such questions.
And yet some were still keen to have their photos taken with him. I was always impressed by Ken Clarke. He refused all invitations to the crook Jeffrey Archers parties. He exercised judgement.

Atkins is on the right of the photo

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