Tuesday, 6 October 2009


When a member of the Tory inner circle publishes a book slagging off the most respected and successful Conservative Councillors in the town we need to take note.

For starters the book asserts:

“the egocentric actions of this pious and overly slothful duo have worked against the best interests of not only of the main Conservative party.......'

For me it all began late last week when I was e-mailed by someone who managed to locate a copy of a most interesting book written by a leading light in Southport Conservative Party circles, as well as husband to Tory Council candidate and a close associate of Brenda Porter, Tory parliamentary candidate for Southport.

The book was published earlier this year and is called “Dirty Politics”. I am advised that one chapter in it is headed:

“Outdated Tory turncoats that threaten the good name of their own party”

It exposes the enormous split which now lies at the heart of the Southport Conservative Party. Most of the venom has been directed at neighbouring Tory councillors in Dukes Ward (covering shoreside Birkdale and the town centre). Such has been the unpleasantness directed at them by the current ruling Tory faction that one of the three Dukes Ward Tories (a respected former Group leader) defected to Labour after the way he had been treated. Another was “de-selected”; this was until the weight of public pressure forced a retreat on the part of the Conservative leadership.

The remaining two Dukes Ward Tory councillors – Councillor Sir Ron Watson and Councillor David Pearson – have now been subjected to the most amazing attack in this book.

I have been promised the loan of the book and I will happily reproduce the offending section as soon as I can, but here are some of the venomous phrases used by one leading Southport Conservative against two well-respected Tory councillors:

“they sponge off the system for private financial advancement and they do this so well that most people never even distinguish this blatant subterfuge!”

“the egocentric actions of this pious and overly slothful duo have worked against the best interests of not only of the main Conservative party that is opposing AWC, but also against the unfortunate Southport public.”

“They also frequently let their highly-paid duties in executive bodies take precedence over party duties and proper concern for requests from their own constituents.” (NB: Councillor Sir Ron Watson is Chair of the Southport and Formby Hospital NHS Trust)

The book calls them:

“imprudent old toffs”, and alleges that they do “little or nothing for their constituents but simply love to seize the limelight”

It also says this about them:

“They strongly rely on lofty titles, previous status and their Lib Dem comrades to protect them when inadvertently faced with potent, modern-thinking Conservative women from their own party.” (NB: ’potent, modern-thinking Conservative women’ is assumed to refer to his wife and to Cllr Mrs Porter)

One last quote:

“The magnitude of the infidelity of the minority of Tory traitors in question is astounding.”

I rather think that most of would think that it is the magnitude of the spite and venom directed by one Conservative, close to Southport’s Tory leader, towards two respected colleagues, which is astounding.It would be nice to think that Councillor Mrs Porter would condemn this disgraceful attack, but I won’t be holding my breath.

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