Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Another interesting brown envelope

I read a novel once where the author recieved a brown envelope through the post containing the diary of protagonist in a long forgotten mystery. I have been getting more than my fair share of such post recently. First the book which must be the biggest Tory own goal of the generation in this town and now I have recieved a second package

I must admit that the second package was a pleasure to read. It contained 13 thin yellowing pages of quarto paper. The document was typed on an old fashioned typewriter and there are no corrections-not a drop of typex anywhere. Thos eof you old enough to recall the days before word processors will recognise what an achievement that is.

The document is dated December 1973and called 'Some Political Themes from Old Birkdale'. It is a review of a volume of press cutting from the Birkdale District Liberal Association 1891-1909. This covers a period before Birkdale U.D.C. was merged with Southport.

A number of key themes emerge; the struggle for the political rights of women, the need for better educational facilities of the 'underprivileged children' and the separate identities of Birkdale Park and Birkdale Common (I live on the Common)

These fit in with our planned commemoration of the 1910 election and I will return to these matter over the next few weeks. One thing that does emerge is the larger than life figures that were on the political stage. Chief amongst those was Kate Riley who was greatly involved in the campaign for female suffrage and education. She even stopped paying her local taxes as a protest against the failure to provide proper educational facilities for 'underprivileged' children'

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