Wednesday, 14 October 2009

£100,00 + payback for Wintertons

And it couldn't happen to a more deserving couple of rip off merchants. Let us just recall what they did. They bought a London flat, gifted it to their children via a Trust and then charged to parliamentary expenses a high rent. On top of which their level of expenses would make your eyes boggle.
So why am I so exercised about this rip off above others. It is simple . I spent a decade listening to the wretched couple moralise and parade their nasty form of politics all round Cheshire. I heard them telling their racist jokes and their attitude toward expenses was not exactly a state secret. I fought two General election against Mrs Winterton and cut her majority to its lowest level. Our chief problem was the local press who often treated the pair as above criticism and led the fawning and sycophantic reaction to them. To say the pair are right wing is to devalue language. Norman Tebbit is right wing. These two are in a class by themselves.
I met some Cheshire Tories earlier this year and they were slagging off the Wintertons. Given none of their behavior was new where was their judgement over the last two decades?
We hear a lot about how important the local media is for democracy and how they should be supported in this time of change and economic difficulty. Well all I can say is that the Congleton media did not cover themselves in glory and certainly failed to hold this wretched pair to account.

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