Thursday, 15 October 2009

£1000 for a new lamp rather than do a repair?

I'm in danger of sounding a bit like the Daily Mail........but I am wondering if Health and Safety people have got out of hand. I've been trying to get to the bottom of the issue of the street light in Burlington Road. So far it looks like this.......

The problem with this lamp is that the electricity supply is damaged. This means that MANWEB would need to sort out the (LIVE) supply to the box 10 feet off the ground-it is the the box by my right ear in the picture. MANWEB decline to repair supplies which cannot be reached from the ground (on health and safety grounds), so if ever the supply is at fault to the old cast iron columns (which have the supply box near the top of the column) they have to be replaced.The cost of the whole job is the best part of £1000!

Now lots of folk like the red and cream lamps introduced by the old Southport County Borough, some prefer the new brighter lights because of the added street safety. Whatever view you take it does seem daft at this point in the economic cycle when we are skint to spend £1000 on a new lamp when we could do a repair if only MANWEB bought the kit to allow to do a repair

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