Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Taking tea with the Taliban

I bumped into Jonathon Fryer yesterday and told him that he ought to do a piece on the fate of Edward MacMillan Scott and the Tory alliance in Europe. I'm sure reders will know all about the bunch of right wing odd balls the Tories have as friends in the Euro Parliament-climate change deniers, homophobes etc (mind you it is not difficult to see why some Tory activists feel at home there)
This whole area of politics is going to become very important after the Irish referendum. If they vote 'yes' what does Cameron do? The Tories have so 'pissed off' the powerful governing centre right parties especially in France and Germany it is doubtful they will lift a finger to help him if he tries to 'renogociate' the Lisbon Treaty. I wouldn't be surprised to see right wing moves to get Britain to take up a Norway option. In essence that would mean we withdrew from Europe and had to put up with the rules that the rest draw up. We can't ignore Europe it is our biggest single trading partner.

Anyway back to Jonathon, he said he would try to get around to doing a post on the Tories Euro woes. In the meantime he has done a good write up on Ed Davey's speach which many delgates have rated very highly