Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The success of the Iron Men

The Iron men on Crosby beach have been a great hit. Like the Angel of the North-by the same artist-they have been recognised as some of the better bits of public art. As Ronnie was heard to remark; 'who would have thought that lots of naked men on a beach would arouse such interest'.

Locally the Tories initially opposed them and their PPC even went on the BBC World at One championing Health and Safety as the reason for their opposition.

Birkdale Focus roving report Cllr Connell has sent me another good example from East Anglia; the Sea Shell is IN MEMORY OF Benjamin Britten (Alderburgh) . Interestingly is was originally put in the Town Centre but residents thought is was better on the beach(I agree).

Sadly not all public art is as good .

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