Thursday, 10 September 2009

of cauliflowers and canvassing

Birkdale Lib Dems went canvassing this evening. It was very encouraging. As far as we could see our vote is very firm. Some people who we previously had down as Labour are now positive Lib Dems. We even found a couple of 'soft Tories' swinging our way.
It is always pleasing when people speak well of your efforts and we had a good few of those this evening. I did come across one 'hard Tory' who told me how useless the Tory candidate was and how Osborne was an embarrassment. He then went on to say only Vince Cable was credible on the economy, but he was still going to vote Tory. Ah well he was the only one like that tonight, there used to be lots of them!

Before I went out I went to the allotment. I have an embarrassment of large cauliflowers. Ellie got bored waiting for me to find the camera to take this photo ( mind you she will get a lot more fed up with all the cauliflower soup she is going to be eating!)