Sunday, 13 September 2009

10th Sandgrounder Beer Festival

The 10th Sandgrounder Beer Festival has been happening over the last few days at the Arts Centre-where I wonder will they go during the refurbishment? I visited on Saturday afternoon. As the picture shows the beers were lined up as a War of the Roses; Yorks v Lancs. Pride of position went to the Southport Brewery with the award winning Golden Sands best bitter-also on their mini stand were the session bitter Natterjack (3.8%) and Carousel (4%).

It is truly amazing how many micro breweries are now operating. There seemed to me to be a lot of 'golden' bitters which were unheard of a few years ago. Clearly this is an attempt by thye brewers to temp young folk off lagers on to real ale.

This being Southport the definition of Lancashire was that of the county palatine which ignores Merseyside and stretching up into what is Cumbria in local government terms today. Interesting one new brewery Liverpool Organic has opened up in Brasenose Rd Bootle. ( Bootle named lots of it's streets after Oxbridge colleges) Their Bitter at 5.5% is certainly not a session bitter but did win plaudits from those around me who were drinking it.