Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sandi Toksvig at LGA

At the LGA today we had Sandi Toksvig promoting the campaign for more women councillors and as part of that she spoke at the Lib Dem group meeting this afternoon. She had a very good joke about stress and a rectal thermometer which will doubtless be recycled so I will not spoil it by repeating it here. Sadly the leadership had managed to have a 'top table' full of men (see photo). Apparently of the 4300 Lib Dem councillors in England a third are women and a third of our group leaders are women. Altho that is progress it is hardly equality. Ms Toksvig then had her photo taken with our women councillors including, from our neck of the woods, the Deputy Leader of St Helens Suzanne Knight who is in the front row of the photo-I hesitate to describe fashion but she is wearing the blue/green top.