Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sefton Councillors allowances-Lib Dems cost you less

Every year councillors allowances are published. Unlike MPs they are set by an independent body. In the interest of transparency we have lodged the details on our website -link on the left. They can be found in the 'download' area.

The most interesting/surprising thing to me is that, on average, Conservative councillors are the highest paid on Sefton Council.
Last year, Conservative councillors were paid £2300 more on average than Liberal Democrats, £15,160 pa v. £12,860 pa. This equates to an extra 18%.
The main reason for this is that the members allowance system in Sefton is very generous to the smallest party, which happens to be the Conservatives. Virually all Conservatives (i.e. 15 out of 17) received a Special Responsibility Allowance - only the 2 Dukes Ward Conservatives, Cllrs Watson and Pearson, were denied SRA by their leader Cllr Paula Parry.
In contrast, 11 out of 27 Liberal Democrats did not receive any SRA.(Note: Lib Dem councillors Blackburn, Byrne and Sumner show as receiving small amounts of SRA of up to £175, but these have been ignored in arriving at the figure of 11 - this is because they are not really SRAs, but "per diem" payments for attending planning visits or licensing meetings)

Put another way, the average amount of Special Responsibility Allowance paid by political party (as derived from spreadsheet) was:
Conservative £6312
Labour £5647
Lib Dem £4048