Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Southport MEP no shame??????

The disgraced Southport man elected as a Tory MEP is in the news again. The Times this morning reports:

• Den Dover, who was expelled from the Conservative Party for gross misconduct
after claiming £500,000 in “unjustified expenses”, has a pension valued at
£235,000 and will receive a “transitional allowance” of £59,367.

All this shows the failure of Cameron's approach. The total disputed claim from the Southport Tory was over £700 000. Cameron took the whip from him. He has not repaid a penny. Now he is retiring with a platanum nest egg.

I guess that other Tories will do the same. They will pocket the cash and accept that the whip is withdrawn-after all what is the whip worth if you've retired.

What is the betting that the Wintertons will not repay the mega rip off ?