Friday, 8 May 2009

Was their blood on the walls of the Tory group meeting?

Last night saw Sefton council's annual meeting.Rumours have swirled around for some days that the Tory group meeting was less than happy. Readers should be aware that whatever improvement there has been in Tory fortunes elsewhere in Sefton they have lost seats to us in each of the last three years-and there has been one defection to Labour. Mrs Parry now leads the smallest ever Tory group on Sefton. In addition her vindictive behavior to the most successful Tory ward in Southport (Dukes) means that even within that small group there are some members have been forced to be semi detached. We all noted that Cllr David Pearson has been left with very little; well nothing commensurate with his ability-which is a loss to the council as a whole.

So was Vinnie Platt pushed or did he fall. Vinnie has been a Tory cabinet member for a year-hand picked by Mrs Parry, now he has been dropped. The spin doctors were out in force last night saying that this was not an example of nastiness but good man management done for sound and sensible reasons. For the sake of balance I should also say that there were Tories eager to tell me that if I believed that I was lacking in understanding!

We do know that Mrs P did allow a vote on whip and Cllr Barry Griffith's replaced Vinnie in that role. By any definition that is a swing to the right. Cllr Griffiths will be judged by some as an inappropriate choice for the portfolio which includes equalities and was described to me last night by a well informed observer as a 'golf club reactionary.' I didn't get the impression that meant he necessarily belonged to a golf club.