Sunday, 17 May 2009

Phew, Pugh publishes expences

Southport MP opened his books to John Siddle in the Visiter this week revealing that he is 515th in the league of claimers. (I'm not sure why Siddle gets all these jobs; he was the one who Les Byrom -former Tory Leader-opened his heart to when he walked out on his erstwhile squabbling colleagues) Well done both Johns.

Pugh's claims contrast dramatically with the mega claims of next door Lab MP Clare Curtis Thomas.

I guess it is a bit personal with me but the Tory couple from Cheshire really seem to be getting off light. I fought two General Elections against Mrs Winterton in the 1990s. She loved to play the 'grand dame' refusing to do public meetings and often sending other people to answer questions. Anyway for all her moralising and back to basics politics the Daily Telegraph noted:

Sir Nicholas Winterton and his wife Ann, who are both Tory MPs, claimed more
than £80,000 in rent for a small London flat that was owned by a trust
controlled by their children.

Read the full story here

I predict that they will not pay back the £80,000 and if Cameron moves against them then they like Den Dover will hang on to the money-after all they think they've done nothing wrong.