Thursday, 7 May 2009

Nick Clegg - A Past-Life Rock Legend?

From our popular culture correspondent

Peter Hough

While listening to Radio 2's 'Sounds of the Sixties' last Saturday, my wife and I got a shock. We thought we knew everything about our leader, so we couldn't believe our ears. There was presenter, Brian Matthews saying: "Well that was 'River Man' by Nick Clegg. "Surely Matthews meant Nick Drake? Or did he know something we didn't?

So was Mr Clegg really the cult legend who supposedly died in 1974? Allready I was thinking along the lines of 'conspiracy theory', and wondering if there was a book in it... Then we did our maths. In 1969 when 'River Man' was recorded, Clegg would barely have been out of nappies. Oh well! Perhaps the earlier news bulletin featuring a soundbite from Nick on the Ghurkhas had something to do with the presenter's Freudian slip?