Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mark Pack at libdem voice has sussed out the voting on the motion that stymied expences reform last year. Here are the key bits:

Last summer an unholy alliance of Labour and Conservative MPs voted to
block a series of major reforms to MP expenses, such as requiring receipts for
all claims, having outside checks and major changes to the Additional Costs
Allowance (ACA).......
On looking through the details of the vote it is good to see that all the Liberal Democrat MP voting went through the lobbies in favour of reform. Of course, the bulk of the blame for blocking the reforms must lie with the Labour Party as 146 of their MPs voted to block the reforms but given David Cameron’s strident recent comments, it’s striking to see that seven of his frontbenchers, and 21 MPs in total, voted to block reform when they had the chance. This was enough to see the measure defeated.

The 21 Conservative MPs who voted to block reform were:

David Amess
James Arbuthnot
Henry Bellingham
Brian Binley

John Butterfill
Christopher Chope

John Greenway
Gerald Howarth
Bernard Jenkin
Julie Kirkbride
Eleanor Laing

Andrew MacKay
Anne McIntosh
Andrew Rosindell
Hugo Swire
Sir Peter Tapsell
Angela Watkinson
Ann Widdecombe

David Wilshire
Ann Winterton
Nicholas Winterton