Thursday, 2 April 2009

Top posts

I have unashamedly pinched this idea from others. I was looking at the statistics supplied by StarCounter about who visits the Birkdale blog and what are the popular pages etc over the last quarter

No 5 in the list is Vince Cable has a book coming out from back in January. Numbers viewing this post have been added to recently as the book is now out and reviewed including on Newsnight Review

No 4 in the list is Birkdale Benches from early in March. No surprises there as the tale of Tory infighting continues

No 3 in the list is remember Sarah Tisdall from November 2008! This is a surprise. When the Tories were getting all self righteous over the police arresting their front bench spokesman during an enquiry into leaks on immigration the Birkdale Blog was amongst the first to recall the fate of a junior foreign office clerk under the Tories. I think we'll put that down to the age of the author.

No 2 in the list is I love Southport because.. from March 2009. I'm pleased about this as this was an initiative enthusiastically backed by Lib Dems in Southport and which has proved remarkably successful. There is a full report at the area committee last night and an update here.

No 1 in the list is 1979 the night the government fell