Friday, 3 April 2009

Sefton’s top-performing recycling rate has saved council taxpayers £1 million

Sefton’s top-performing recycling rate has saved council taxpayers £1 million.

The soaring cost of getting rid of rubbish is shared between the five Merseyside councils according to the amount of garbage they produce.

Because Southort people are recycling more, instead of putting out so much rubbish, Sefton’s percentage share of the cost of waste disposal has dropped to the lowest in the region at just 4.3 per cent compared to as much as 18 per cent paid by others.

This was reported to councillors at Southport’s Area Committee on Wednesday 1 April.

Afterwards Councillor David Tattersall, Environmental cabinet member, said: “The reason that we consistently top the recycling table is because so many local people do their bit for the benefit of all council tax payers. Recycling is about saving hard cash as well as being green and re-using materials that would otherwise be wasted

“The wheelie bin system has led to a doubling of the recycling rate from around 20 per cent to 40 per cent and that’s cutting the cost of getting rid of rubbish. The landfill tax is now £40 for every tonne of rubbish that dumped in the ground and it’s going up by £8 every year.”