Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Peregrine graces country fair

Carmel Preston-a Cambridge Ward Councillor- organised a Liberal Democrat presence at the Country Fair held at Stanley High School over the Easter weekend. This was a very successful and well attended fair. Many people visited the Liberal Democrat tent and details of resident's various problems were noted and dealt with by the councillors present.

A volunteer from the RSPB tent asked a question of Mike Booth, who is also the Press Officer for the Southport RSPB Group. She was worried that the dismantling of the gasometer in Norwood ward would disturb a nesting pair of rare peregrine falcons. The pair have been resident at the gasometer for several years. Mike-a Kew Ward Councillor and Norwood ward councillor Dave Sumner, both questioned the owners of the gasometer.

Mike has now received an email informing him that the birds are safe. They were provided with an alternative home on the top of Emmanuel Church tower. However, the birds were choosy and preferred a home of their own on another church tower

Mike Boooth