Monday, 6 April 2009

and finally

On polling day we find Mr Brighouse being lampooned again-the Southport Guardian clearly didn't like him. This time he is depicted as an Auctioneer. Behind him on his left are the 'scalps' of the last two Tory parliamentary candidates that the Liberals had defeated-Balfour and Lord Skelmsesdale . In front of him is the head of the bewigged Mr Marshall Hall.

The caption reads:
Mr Bighouse. What! No bid gentlemen?
Well, if it aint wanted, back it goes to Town.

And so the Guardian anticipated that the Tory candidate would behave as Tories have before and since. I am struck by the robustness of the campaign. Reading the stories that surround the cartoon -to which I shall return- one can only imagine the response of today's Tories if they subjected to such an onslaught!