Thursday, 19 March 2009

Yesterday began with a Cabinet member (Governance and performance)meeting. We received a report about Sefton's achievement of retaining it's four star status. We should again be clear that this New Labour obsession of targets is not healthy-as the good people of Stafford will no doubt testify. Nevertheless to gain and maintain four stars is a real achievement and many council employees have worked very hard. We should and did acknowledge their hard work.

The rest of the meeting discusses the review of Governance for the council which I am chairing. We are now moving into interesting territory thinking about how we exercise some democratic influence/scrutiny over the burgeoning number of quangos and arms length bodies that deliver government policies. We have also begun working through our thoughts on how the council can take forward the decentralisation strategy. A report his gone to this month's Cabinet meeting which was held this morning and can be found on the council's website