Saturday, 28 March 2009

empty sites for low cost housing should be developed now

Why is this government giving our tax payers money to a quangos to buy up important sites in Birkdale earmarked for urgently needed low cost housing and then allow them to lie empty and undeveloped for years.
I have identified two sites in and around Birkdale that have been acquired by Servite Housing Association and left empty. One is in Upper Aughton Rd and another is behind the Thomas Moore site. Now we learn that Servite Housing is selling off it's sites to another housing association so there is yet more delay.
We need to get a move on. We are paying building workers unemployment benefit whilst there is real work that needs doing. Public money has been used to fund housing associations and yet they are leaving sites empty and overgrown. They are an eyesore.
I am urgently going to seek a meeting with the new owners as soon as we learn who has bought these sites. We want them to get a shift on and build the houses Southport desperately needs.