Saturday, 28 March 2009

Who was in power in 1922

One of the oddities of the debate in the council on Thursday was the jibe that was uttered from the Leader of the smallest party. She suddenly declared, seemingly without cause, that the last time the Liberal party was in Government was 1922.

I was intrigued on what basis she made that assertion. Clearly the Liberal party was in the Churchill government during the 2nd World War with Sinclair as Minister for Air and along with other Liberal Ministers took part in cabinet discussions and committees.

The last Liberal government to be elected was Asquith's. Much as in the 2nd world war Liberals joined with war time coalition during the 1st World War and it was led by a Liberal . After the War the coupon election was held and something like 400 Tories were returned to parliament. The Liberal Leader Asquith stayed outside of the post War government and the Liberal Party meeting at its Assembly in Leamington Spa in 1920 formally distanced itself from the Coupon government and hence forward decided to oppose it's supporters at elections.

So when Mrs Parry asserted that the Liberals were last in Governement 1922 I suggest she was wrong.